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Exhaust, Honking, and Exhausting

SJTG has been continuously trying to have Sterling Road residents’ ongoing concerns about traffic flow issues heard with our Councilor’s office. The frustrations are real and exasperating! Those of us who live on Sterling Road and south Perth know that Sterling Road is very narrow and goes one-way north. With increasing development pressures leading to a population boom, along with Nestle factory workers’ daily shift changes, and currently, all the street infrastructure construction on Dundas West and Bloor West, the flow of vehicles is causing an extremely long delay turning onto Bloor West.

Today, we sent yet another letter to Councilor Ana Bailao’s office reminding them of our traffic issues.

We ask that other residents or visitors to our area also send the Councilor’s office an email highlighting your lived experience with traffic flow, parking, and cars idling in from your home trying to turn onto Bloor West. The Councilor’s email is

You can read our letter here.



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