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Seeking Community Feedback: Local Arts and Culture

South Junction Triangle Grows will participate in the "Bloor Street Study (Sterling Road) - Art & Culture Working Group" on Thursday, 7 October 2021.

The Bloor Street Study, now in its second phase, looks to develop a planning framework to ensure change and development in the area between St. Helen's Avenue, Bloor Street West, Perth Avenue, and Sterling Road occurs in a well-planned and coordinated manner.

As the City continues to advance the Bloor Street Study, City Council directed City Planning and Economic Development & Culture staff to work with the local Councillor, the local arts community, and the residential and commercial tenants at 221, 225, and 227 Sterling Road on means of retaining arts and culture and maker spaces throughout the Bloor Street Study area.

To help us encourage our city Councillor's office to advocate for what is best for our area, we would love to hear your thoughts on what you -- the community -- would want to focus on the non-residential uses that currently exist and the features/conditions of Sterling Road and the surrounding area.

Your feedback will be presented at the meeting verbally and as a printout that SJTG will email to our Councillor's office. We only ask for your postal code to identify the geographic parameters of community participants.

Fill out our form here.



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