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What Are the Cumulative Effects of Too Much Development

South Junction Triangle Grows is NOT against density. We are advocating for sustainable development for current and future residents. With many residents asking questions, it will be harder for city staff to ignore the South JT and our concerns about population growth without a clear understanding of long-term impacts within our 1km land footprint.

Cumulative effects of over-development:

  • Heat islands: The health impacts of extreme heat range from heat stress to heat stroke and death. The impacts of heat are disproportionately borne by frail, elderly and isolated people. Toronto Public Health estimates that heat-related mortality in the Toronto area will triple by 2080 from 120 to 360 deaths per year. This 2022 June 13 Globe and Mail article states, “The Davenport ward in Toronto, a residential neighbourhood tightly packed with single detached homes, is strikingly oppressive: four degrees warmer than the coolest neighbourhoods on the date of our imagery. Here, relief belongs only to the dead: Prospect Cemetery, a narrow strip of land stretching two kilometres from north to south, is the only obvious refuge.” South Junction Triangle is a 1km area already densely populated with residents and employees, in addition to a chocolate factory. How much hotter will the climate get in our area?

  • Wind canyons: These are zones between buildings where wind velocities increase. Winds are stronger, more closely aligned with streets.

  • Traffic: New residents do not live life in a silo. They will bring a full life with them of family and friends visiting from out of town, Amazon deliveries, food deliveries, Uber pick ups and drop offs, in addition to Nestle employees coming and going for shift changes in cars.

  • Pollution: see points on traffic

Before further tall buildings are built like the Kingsett Capital proposal (between Sterling and Perth), we need to demand a cumulative impact study of our area. Write to city staff about the combined developments (both approved and proposed) in our area, and understanding that Toronto needs to house a growing population, are not either/or issues. Cumulative impacts the combined effects of past, present, and future human activities of current and future residents.

The question is "What will the South Junction Triangle look and feel like in 10 years after these developments are built?"

Call to Action! Email the following in the same message:

The Planning and Housing Committee

Victoria Fusz, Senior Planner

​MPP Marit Stiles



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