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Kingsett Survey Results are In!

Between 27 February to 1 March 2022, we sent out a Google Form survey asking what people think of the development proposal for 1423 Bloor Street West and 278 Sterling Road.

170 members of the community responded in approximately 48 hours!

The results of this survey clearly demonstrate that the proposal is not aligned with this community's needs, regardless of any Section 37 offerings. There are clear concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Building height that is inappropriate for this setting

  • Serious concerns with parking and transit proposal which includes limited resident and visitor parking, sole use of car elevator and very little accommodation for the already busy streets and unique traffic flow.

  • The displacements of residents, including the artist communities that Kingsett uses to promote the area.

  • A clear bias against family and multi-generational households and cultures with the limited availability of two and three-bedroom spaces.

The survey was distributed widely via multiple community Facebook groups (such as Junction Triangle Action Network, Sterling-South Perth Neighbours, Junction Triangle Community Group, among others); Twitter (@jtriangle), and the South Junction Triangle GROWs’ listserv.

Moreover, the respondents in the M6R postal code are most vocal about traffic and parking issues because they are most aware of this situation — those in neighboring areas in favor of

less parking do not have the perspective of lived experience that these residents do.

Similarly, the majority of people who approve of an 18 storey condominium within a

small land footprint live in neighboring postal codes (potentially out of sight of the

development) or did not indicate their location.

We took the results of this survey and wrote a report that has been sent to Councillor Ana Bailão's office. We are providing this report to the community as well. Click here to read it.



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