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We need your help!

Not everyone in our community will have access to the internet and/or be tech-savvy.

Using the strength of word-of-mouth, please inform any interested community member about this group and help them contact us.

South Junction Triangle Grows is a neighbourhood association formed in early 2019 in response to a concentration of highrise development proposals within a 1KM area. Our neighbourhood’s concern is the blatant lack of foresight to the future of this community for current and future residents. We support and acknowledge that the City of Toronto is expecting a population growth and that there is a lack of affordable housing due to a profiteering crisis from real estate equity firms. 

The SouthJT has at least seven large development proposals within a small land footprint. We would like to encourage the responsible growth and development of our neighbourhood, which is bordered by Bloor Street West, Perth Avenue, Dundas Street West, and Merchant Lane. As a neighbourhood association, we share your concerns for the good of our local community.

We want to participate in the development process with the city and large corporate developers by emphasizing that population growth in a 1KM area should be the following:

  • More affordable housing, 

  • More family housing for various stages of the human life cycle

  • green PUBLIC spaces that are in proportion to future population growth, 

  • community spaces that are in proportion to future population growth,

  • community supports for existing businesses and residents.

  • inclusivity and diversity for future population growth

Development should not be a singular  vision – luxury condos with

  • 95% UNaffordable units, 

  • the majority of units as bachelors or one-bedrooms,

  • not enough visitor parking spaces

  • Displacement of current residents, artists, makers and small businesses

  • a population explosion within a small land footprint and lack of infrastructure supports


Neighbourhood associations strengthen the link between residents and policymakers. We seek to mobilize residents into political activism and create opportunities for direct communication within the local community and between the local residents and local officials. 

If you have a shared alarm and concern about the massive scale of private development and proposals in our small area, contact us by filling out our volunteer sign up form


Our group specifically aspires to represent, support and advocate for the needs of:


  • Individual property owners

  • Renters

  • Small business owners

  • People who use services in the South JT

  • People who work in the area

This group will evolve as the needs of the community change.

Map of all development applications for the South JT
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